“Ali has worked for me for the last 5.5 years, across 3 different businesses, Ned’s, zukt.com.au, blackmango.com.au.

When Ali was first employed by us we were looking for a full time bookkeeper, however she was only able to give us 3 days per week. We saw something special in Ali and we were happy to give 3 days per week as a trial. Ali is ultra organised and efficient and was able to to complete all necessary tasks and more in her 3 days compared with our previous full time bookkeeper.

I highly recommend Alison Woolford and her capabilities. She is always willing to learn in areas outside her skill set. I look forward to Ali being a contractor to me for many years to come.”

“The service provided by Ali is just what I was looking for. She is always willing to assist with whatever workload I require her for providing the flexibility I need. She is happy to take on some of the less enjoyable tasks of running a business, including debt collection. She provides me with guidance when needed for tasks that are infrequent. Ali is a pleasure to do business with.”

“Ali Woolford was engaged as the company bookkeeper in 2016. Her abilities far exceeded the position she was engaged to fulfill. Subsequently, her role was expanded to embrace a wide range of duties, including that of export manager. Ali oversees all export, to several countries, and is responsible for documentation and communication with governing bodies in Australia and abroad.

Ali is brilliantly efficient and has a delightful and charming personality.

We at The Hedonist winery hope Ali will remain part of the team for many years to come.”